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Precision Cast

DSW Diecasting Tooling can provide a total solution for all of your diecasting requirments.

The Aluminum Casting objects are light and of high resistance in mechanic distress, high temperatures and of high demand as far as their application is concerned. Their applications are thousands, from decorative types as handles, handholds, lamps, bases stands, supports, braces, furniture.

aluminum die casting,aluminum casting

In the electricity we manufacture tightening, connectors and many other types for the networks distribution of power for the different distributor all over the world.

Aluminium Pressure Die Casting,Pressure Die Casting
Auto Parts Casting
Aluminium Pressure Die Casting,aluminum die casting
Gear Parts
Aluminium Pressure Die Casting,aluminum casting
Machine Parts
Pressure Die Casting,aluminum die casting
Pump Parts Casting

They have excellent performance due to their excellent thermic and electric conductivity. Thousand applications also in all kinds of Industries as Defensive Industry, Car Industry, Architecture. And the most important thing is that it is a material which can be recycled any minute without even losing its characteristics its value, tendency that is approved worldwide about Recycling of Raw material.

DSW has the know-how, the experience and is in the position to help you carry out any application you ask us.