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Mould Steel Mold Steel

International code AISI Europe code DIN Steel brand Factory hardness Anti-stress strength Heat treatment method Categories and applications
1045 1040 1050 1.1730 ASSAB 760 K-100 DAIDO P1 13~18HRC 600N/mm2 Water quenching King brand, usually for die holder plate, ejecting pin plate, support head and curb pin
P20 1.2738 ASSAB 718 DAIDO P88X,P-5 DESHENG 2311 A FINKL P20 28~32HRC 915N/mm2~
Usually for inner die inlay parts No hardness but common plastic inner die is needed.
P20H 1.02711 ASSAB 718 HI DESHENG 711 A FINKL P20H 35~38HRC 1000N/mm2~
No hardness common plastic inner die is needed.
H-13 1.2344 ASSAB 8407 A FINKL H13 DESHENG 2344 ESR 190 HB
(hardness to1400N/mm2)
Fine inlay piece wind quench large inlay piece oil quench double tempering Do not be used for die, ejecting, skate board, and ejecting pin, hardness to 48~52HRC
0-1 1.2510 ASSAB DF-2 DESHENG 25100 180H-220 HB (10~18HRC)   Oil quench For low temperature working skate gasket, inlay and strip hardness to 54~56HRC
S-7   ASSAB S-7 DESHENG 2379 200HB
  At least three times tempering for oil quench Usually for shock die, press board and gasket hardness to 54~56HRC
420 1.2083 STAVAX S-136 A FINKL 420 DESHENG 2083 ESR 180~200HB
High temperature tempering
Double tempering for oil and win tempering common application:48~52hrc
mirror polishing piece is needed:52~54HRC
injection PVC piece:46~48HRC
420H 1.2316 S-136H DESHENG 2316 ESR 32~34HRC 915~1200N/mm2 No hardness is needed It fits for injection pvc with good corrosion resistant property.
P4 1.2341 ASSAB 8416 95~100HB   Surface carburization Cladding steel: for complex mode steel, duplicate money and button (rarely use at present)hardness to 62HRC
D2 1.2379 ASSAB XW41 210~240HB
  tempering for oil quench Cooling steel: for die, pin, inlay, wear proof piece and plastic material diving inlay
BeCu   MOLDMAX DESHENG B2 40~42HRC 1240N/mm2 Age hardening (330deg;C/3hr) Beryllium copper: Featured by fast heat transmission, it’s useful to go where the water can not reach.
A1-Bronze   Cup copper       It is harder than bronze and fits for inner mold cavity inter-lock, which can reduce working loss.