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G 冶金   钢铁产品

1 GB/T 221-1979 钢铁产品牌号表示方法 Notations for markings of iron and steel products
2 GB/T 341-1989 钢丝分类及术语 Steel wire—Classification and vocabular
3 GB/T 343-1994 一般用途低碳钢丝 Low carbon steel wire for general uses
4 GB/T 346-1984 通讯线用镀锌低碳钢丝 Galvanized low carbon steel wire for electric communications lines
5 GB/T 347-1982 针布钢丝 Card wire
6 GB/T 348-1964 刺钢丝 Barbed steel wires
7 GB/T 352-1988 密封钢丝绳 Locked coil wire ropes
8 GB/T 699-1988 优质碳素结构钢 技术条件 Quality carbon structure steel--Technical requirements
9 GB/T 700-1988 碳素结构钢 Carbon structural steels
10 GB/T 702-1986 热轧圆钢和方钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Hot-rolled round and square steels--Dimension,shape, weight and tolerance
11 GB/T 704-1988 热轧扁钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances for hot-rolled flats
12 GB/T 705-1989 热轧六角钢和八角钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Hot-rolled hexagonal and octagonal steel bars—Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerance
13 GB/T 706-1988 热轧工字钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Hot-rolled beam steel—Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances
14 GB/T 707-1988 热轧槽钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Hot-rolled channel steel—Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances
15 GB/T 708-1988 冷轧钢板和钢带的尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances for cold-rolled plates and sheets
16 GB/T 709-1988 热轧钢板和钢带的尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances for hot-rolled plates and sheets
17 GB/T 710-1991 优质碳素结构钢热轧薄钢板和钢带 Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel sheets and strips
18 GB/T 711-1988 优质碳素结构钢热轧厚钢板和宽钢带 Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel plates and wide strips
19 GB 712-1988 船体用结构钢 Hull structural steel
20 GB/T 714-1965 桥梁建筑用热轧碳素钢 技术条件 Technical requirements for hot-rolled carbon steels for bridges
21 GB/T 715-1989 标准件用碳素钢热轧圆钢 Hot-rolled round carbon steel bars for standard parts
22 GB/T 716-1991 碳素结构钢冷轧钢带 Cold-rolled carbon structural steel strips
23 GB/T 718-1982 铸造用生铁 Foundry pig iron
24 GB/T 905-1994 冷拉圆钢、方钢、六角钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Dimension, shape, weight and tolerance for cold-drawn round, square and hexagonal steels
25 GB/T 908-1987 锻制圆钢和方钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Forged round and square steels--Dimension, shape, weightand tolerance
26 GB/T 911-1966 工具钢热轧及锻制扁钢品种 Hot-rolled and forged tool steel flats
27 GB/T 912-1989 碳素结构钢和低合金结构钢热轧薄钢板及钢带 Hot-rolled plain carbon and low alloy structural steel sheets and strips
28 GB/T 1220-1992 不锈钢棒 Stainless steel bars
29 GB/T 1221-1992 耐热钢棒 Heat-resisting steel bars
30 GB/T 1222-1984 弹簧钢 Spring steel
31 GB/T 1234-1995 高电阻电热合金 High resistance alloys for electrical heating
32 GB/T 1298-1986 碳素工具钢技术条件 Carbon tool steels--Technical requirements
33 GB/T 1299-1985 合金工具钢技术条件 Alloy tool steels--Technical requirements
34 GB/T 1301-1994 凿岩钎杆用中空钢 Rock drilling equipment--Hollow drill steels in bar form
35 GB/T 1412-1985 球墨铸铁用生铁 Pig iron used for spheroidal graphite cast iron
36 GB/T 1591-1994 低合金高强度结构钢 High strength low alloy structural steels
37 GB/T 2101-1989 型钢验收、包装、标志及质量证明书的一般规定 General requirements of acceptance, packaging, marking and certification for section steel
38 GB/T 2102-1988 钢管的验收、包装、标志和质量证明书 Acceptance, packing, marking, and certification of pipe
39 GB/T 2103-1988 钢丝验收、包装、标志及质量证明书的一般规定 General provisions for checking, packing, marking and quality certification of steel wire
40 GB/T 2104-1988 钢丝绳包装、标志及质量证明书的一般规定 Steel wire ropes--Packing, marking and certificate--General requirements
41 GB/T 2272-1987 硅铁 Ferrosilicon
42 GB/T 2517-1981 一般结构用热连轧钢板和钢带 Continuously hot rolled steel sheets and strips for common structures
43 GB/T 2518-1988 连续热镀锌薄钢板和钢带 Continual hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheets and strips
44 GB/T 2519-1981 热连轧钢板和钢带品种 Varieties of continuously hot rolled steel sheets and strips
45 GB/T 2520-1988 电镀锡薄钢板和钢带 Tin electroplated steel sheets and strips
46 GB/T 2521-1996 冷轧晶粒取向、无取向磁性钢带(片) Cold-rolled grain-oriented and non-oriented magnetic steel strip(sheet)
47 GB 2585-1981 铁路用每米38~50公斤钢轨技术条件 Technical requirements for 38kg/m to 50kg/m steel rails for railway
48 GB/T 2597-1994 窗框用热轧型钢 Heat-rolled window sash steel
49 GB/T 2774-1991 金属锰 Manganese metal
50 GB/T 2826-1981 每米38~50公斤钢轨用垫板 技术条件 Tie-plates--Technical requirements for 38kg/m to 50 kg/m steel rails
51 GB/T 3077-1988 合金结构钢技术条件 Alloy structure steel--Technical requirements
52 GB/T 3078-1994 优质结构钢冷拉钢材技术条件 Technical requirements for quality structural steel cold drawn bars
53 GB/T 3079-1993 合金结构钢丝 Alloy structure steel wires
54 GB/T 3080-1982 高速工具钢丝 High speed tool steel wire
55 GB/T 3082-1984 铠装电缆用镀锌低碳钢丝 Galvanized low carbon steel wire for armouring cables
56 GB/T 3086-1982 高碳铬不锈轴承钢技术条件 Specification for high carbon chromium stainless bearing steels
57 GB 3087-1982 低中压锅炉用无缝钢管 Seamless steel tubes for low and medium pressure boiler
58 GB/T 3089-1982 不锈耐酸钢极薄壁无缝钢管 Thinnest-wall seamless tubes of stainless and acid-resistance steel
59 GB/T 3090-1982 不锈钢小直径钢管 Slainless steel small diameter steel tubes
60 GB/T 3091-1993 低压流体输送用镀锌焊接钢管 Galvanized welded steel pipe for low pressure service
61 GB/T 3092-1993 低压流体输送用焊接钢管 Welded steel pipe for low pressure service
62 GB/T 3094-1982 冷拔无缝异型钢管 Cold drawn seamless special-shape steel pipe
63 GB/T 3203-1982 渗碳轴承钢技术条件 Specification for carburizing steels of bearings
64 GB/T 3206-1982 优质碳素结构钢丝 Carbon constructional quality steel wires
65 GB/T 3207-1988 银亮钢 Bright steel
66 GB/T 3211-1987 金属铬 Chromium metal
67 GB/T 3273-1989 汽车大梁用热轧钢板 Hot-rolled steel plates and sheets for automobile frames
68 GB/T 3274-1988 碳素结构钢和低合金结构钢 热轧厚钢板和钢带 Carbon structural and low alloy steel--Rotled plates and strips
69 GB/T 3275-1991 汽车制造用优质碳素结构钢热轧钢板和钢带 Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel plates and strips for automobile
70 GB/T 3277-1991 花纹钢板 Corrugated steel plates with lath and lentilform
71 GB/T 3278-1982 碳素工具钢热轧钢板技术条件 Technical requirements for hot-rolled carbon tool steel sheets and plates
72 GB/T 3279-1989 弹簧钢热轧薄钢板 Hot-rolled spring steel sheets
73 GB/T 3280-1992 不锈钢冷轧钢板 Cold rolled stainless steel sheets and plates
74 GB/T 3282-1987 钛铁 Ferrotitanium
75 GB/T 3414-1994 煤机用热轧异型钢 Hot-rolled profiled steels for coal mechanism
76 GB/T 3418-1982 电解金属锰 Electrolytic manganese metal
77 GB/T 3420-1982 灰口铸铁管件 Gray iron castigs for pipe fittings
78 GB/T 3421-1982 砂型离心铸铁管 Cast-iron pressure pipe centrifugally cast in sand-lined molds
79 GB/T 3422-1982 连续铸铁管 Cast-iron pressure pipe made by continuous casting process
80 GB 3423-1982 金刚石岩心钻探用无缝钢管 Seamless steel tubes standard use diamond core dvilling
81 GB/T 3429-1994 焊接用钢盘条 Wire rods for electrode
82 GB/T 3522-1983 优质碳素结构钢冷轧钢带 Cold-rolled quality carbon structural steel strips
83 GB/T 3524-1992 碳素结构钢和低合金结构钢热轧钢带 Hot-rolled cardon and low alloy structural steel strips
84 GB 3531-1996 低温压力容器用低合金钢钢板 Low alloy steel plates for low temperature pressure vessels
85 GB/T 3639-1983 冷拔或冷轧精密无缝钢管 Cold-drawn or rolled precision seamless steel tubes
86 GB/T 3640-1988 普通碳素钢电线套管 Plain carbon steel pipes for electric wire
87 GB/T 3641-1983 P3型镀锌金属软管 Type p3 galvanized metallic flexible hose
88 GB/T 3642-1983 S型钎焊不锈钢金属软管 Type S brazed stainless steel flexible metallic hose
89 GB/T 3648-1996 钨铁 Ferrotungsten
90 GB/T 3649-1987 钼铁 Ferromolybdenum
91 GB/T 3650-1995 铁合金验收、包装、储运、标志和质量证明书的一般规定 The general rules for inspection, packing, storing transportation, marking and certification of ferroalloy
92 GB/T 3795-1996 锰铁 Ferromanganese
93 GB/T 4008-1996 锰硅合金 Ferromanganese-silicon
94 GB/T 4009-1989 硅铬合金 Chromium silicon
95 GB/T 4010-1994 铁合金化学分析用试样的采取和制备 Ferroalloys--Sampling and preparation of samples for chemical analysis
96 GB/T 4137-1993 稀土硅铁合金 Rare-earth ferrosilicon
97 GB/T 4138-1993 稀土镁硅铁合金 Rare-earth ferrosilicomagnesium
98 GB/T 4139-1987 钒铁 Ferrovanadium
99 GB/T 4223-1996 废钢铁 Iron and steel scraps
100 GB/T 4226-1984 不锈钢冷加工钢棒 Cold finished stainless steel bars
101 GB/T 4227-1984 不锈钢热轧等边角钢 Hot rolled stainless steel with equal leg angles
102 GB/T 4229-1984 不锈钢板重量计算方法 Methods of weight calculation of stainless steel plates and sheets
103 GB/T 4231-1993 弹簧用不锈钢冷轧钢带 Cold rolled stainless steel strips for springs
104 GB/T 4232-1993 冷顶锻用不锈钢丝 Stainless steel wires for cold heading and cold for- ging
105 GB 4234-1994 外科植入物用不锈钢 Stainless steel for surgical implants
106 GB/T 4237-1992 不锈钢热轧钢板 Hot rolled stainless steel sheets and plates
107 GB/T 4238-1992 耐热钢板 Heat-resisting steel sheets and plates
108 GB/T 4239-1991 不锈钢和耐热钢冷轧钢带 Cold rolled stainless steel and heatresisting steel strips
109 GB/T 4240-1993 不锈钢丝 Stainless steel wires
110 GB/T 4241-1984 焊接用不锈钢盘条 Stainless steel wire rods for welding
111 GB/T 4354-1994 优质碳素钢热轧盘条 Hot-rolled quality carbon steel wire rods
112 GB/T 4356-1984 不锈钢盘条 Stainless steel wire rods
113 GB/T 4357-1989 碳素弹簧钢丝 Carbon spring steel wires
114 GB/T 4358-1995 重要用途碳素弹簧钢丝 Carbon spring steel wire for significant use
115 GB/T 4461-1992 热双金属带材 Thermostatic bimetal strips
116 GB 4463-1984 预应力混凝土用热处理钢筋 Heat-treated steel bar for prestressed concrete
117 GB/T 4697-1991 矿山巷道支护用热轧U 型钢 Hot-rolled U-type steel for mine timbering
118 GB 5068-1985 铁路机车、车辆用车轴钢坯 Axles blooms for railway locomotive and wagons
119 GB/T 5213-1985 深冲压用冷轧薄钢板和钢带 Cold rolled sheets and strips for deep drawing
120 GB/T 5216-1985 保证淬透性结构钢技术条件 Technical requirements for structural steel with specified hardenability bands
121 GB/T 5218-1985 硅锰弹簧钢丝 Silicon-manganese spring steel wire
122 GB/T 5219-1985 铬钒弹簧钢丝 Chromium-vanadiam spring steel wire
123 GB/T 5221-1985 铬硅弹簧钢丝 Chromium-silicon spring steel wire
124 GB/T 5222-1985 弹簧垫圈用梯形钢丝 Trapezed steel wire for spring washer
125 GB/T 5223-1995 预应力混凝土用钢丝 Steel wires for prestressed concrete
126 GB/T 5224-1995 预应力混凝土用钢铰线 Steel strand for prestressed concrete
127 GB 5310-1995 高压锅炉用无缝钢管 Seamless steel tubes and pipes for high pressure boiler
128 GB/T 5312-1985 船舶用碳钢无缝钢管 Carbon steel seamless steel tubes for ship
129 GB/T 5313-1985 厚度方向性能钢板 Steel plate with through-thickness characteristics
130 GB/T 5612-1985 铸铁牌号表示方法 Code for representing cast iron
131 GB/T 5682-1995 硼铁 Ferroboron
132 GB/T 5683-1987 铬铁 Ferrochromium
133 GB/T 5684-1987 真空法微碳铬铁 Vacuum extra low carbon ferrochromium
134 GB/T 5952-1986 碳素工具钢丝 Carbon tool steel wires
135 GB/T 5953-1986 冷顶锻用碳素结构钢丝 Carbon structure steel wires for cold heading
136 GB/T 5954-1986 冷顶锻用合金结构钢丝 Alloy structure steel wires for cold heading
137 GB/T 6145-1985 锰铜、康铜精密电阻合金 Manganin and constantan precision resistance alloys
138 GB/T 6149-1985 新康铜电阻合金 New constantan resistance alloy
139 GB/T 6478-1986 冷镦钢技术条件 Cold heading steel--Technical requirements
140 GB 6479-1986 化肥设备用高压无缝钢管 High-pressure seamless steel tubes for chemical fertilizer equipments
141 GB/T 6480-1994 凿岩用硬质合金钎头 Carbide detachable bit for rock drilling
142 GB/T 6481-1994 凿岩用锥形连接中空六角形钎杆 Hollow hexagonal drill rods with tapered connection for rock drilling
143 GB/T 6482-1994 凿岩用波形螺纹连接钎杆 Rope thread extension steel bars for rock drilling
144 GB/T 6483-1986 柔性机械接口灰口铸铁管 Soft mechanical joint grey cast iron pipe
145 GB 6653-1994 焊接气瓶用钢板 Steel plates for welded gas cylinders
146 GB 6654-1996 压力容器用钢板 Steel plates for pressure vessels
147 GB/T 6723-1986 通用冷弯开口型钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Cold forming sectional steel--Open sectional steel for general structure--Demension, form, weight and permissible deviations
148 GB/T 6724-1986 冷弯波形钢板 Cold forming corrugated sheet
149 GB/T 6725-1992 冷弯型钢技术条件 Technical requirements of cold forming sectional steel
150 GB/T 6726-1986 货运汽车用冷弯型钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Cold forming sectional steel for cargo vehicle--Demension, form, weight and permissible deviations
151 GB/T 6727-1986 客运汽车用冷弯型钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Cold forming sectional steel for passenger vehicle--Demension, form, weight and permissible deviations
152 GB/T 6728-1986 结构用冷弯空心型钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Cold forming sectional steel--Hollow sectional steel for general structure--Demension, form, weight and permissible deviations
153 GB/T 6883-1995 线、棒和管拉模用硬质合金模坯 Wire、bar or tube drawing dies--As sintered pellets of hardmetal
154 GB/T 6983-1986 电磁纯铁棒材技术条件 Technical requirements for magnetic iron bars
155 GB/T 6984-1986 电磁纯铁热轧厚板技术条件 Technical requirements for magnetic iron hot-rolled plates
156 GB/T 6985-1986 电磁纯铁冷轧薄板 Magnetic iron cold-rolled sheets
157 GB/T 7738-1987 铁合金产品牌号表示方法 Notations for designation of ferroalloys
158 GB/T 8162-1987 结构用无逢纲管 Seamless steel pipes for structural purposes
159 GB/T 8163-1987 输送流体用无缝钢管 Seamless steel pipes for liquid service
160 GB/T 8164-1993 焊接钢管用钢带 Steel strips for welded steel pipe
161 GB 8601-1988 铁路用辗钢整体车轮 Rolled solid wheels for railway
162 GB 8602-1988 铁路用粗制轮箍 Rough-rolled tyres for railway
163 GB/T 8649-1988 轧制钢球 Rolling balls
164 GB/T 8706-1988 钢丝绳术语 Steel wire ropes--Terminology
165 GB/T 8713-1988 液压和气动缸筒用精密内径无缝钢管 Inside diameter required precision seamless steel tube for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder use
166 GB/T 8714-1988 梯唇型橡胶圈接口铸铁管 Grey cast iron pipes with rubber ring of ladder-lip-shaped
167 GB/T 8715-1988 柔性机械接口铸铁管件 Soft mechanical joint grey cast iron fittings
168 GB/T 8731-1988 易切削结构钢 技术条件 Free-cutting steel--Technical requirements
169 GB/T 8732-1988 汽轮机叶片用钢 Steels for vane of steam turbine
170 GB/T 8749-1988 优质碳素结构钢热轧钢带 Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel strips
171 GB 8903-1988 电梯用钢丝绳 Steel wire ropes for elevators
172 GB/T 8918-1996 钢丝绳 Steel wire ropes
173 GB/T 8919-1996 制绳用钢丝 Wire for steel wire ropes use
174 GB/T 9787-1988 热轧等边角钢 尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Hot-rolled equal--leg angle steel--Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances
175 GB/T 9788-1988 热轧不等边角钢 尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Hot-rolled unequal--leg angle steel--Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances
176 GB/T 9941-1988 高速工具钢钢板技术条件 High speed tool steel sheets and plates--Technical requirements
177 GB/T 9942-1988 高速工具钢大截面锻制钢材技术条件 High speed tool steel forged bars with large section--Technical requirements
178 GB/T 9943-1988 高速工具钢棒技术条件 High speed tool steel bars--Technical requirements
179 GB/T 9944-1988 不锈钢丝绳 Stainless steel wire ropes
180 GB/T 9945-1988 造船用球扁钢 Bulb flat steel for shipbuilding
181 GB/T 9946-1988 热轧L型钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances for hot-rolled L-sectional steel
182 GB 9948-1988 石油裂化用无缝钢管 Seamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking
183 GB/T 9971-1988 原料纯铁 Pure iron for raw material
184 GB/T 10131-1988 铌锰铁合金 Mn-Nb-Fe alloy
185 GB/T 10560-1989 矿用高强度圆环链用钢技术条件 High tensile steels for round link chains for mines—Technical requirements
186 GB/T 11181-1989 子午线轮胎用钢丝帘线 Steel cord for radial tyre
187 GB/T 11182-1989 橡胶软管增强用钢丝 Steel wire for hose reinfocement
188 GB/T 11251-1989 合金结构钢热轧厚钢板 Hot-rolled alloy structural steel plates
189 GB/T 11252-1989 犁壁用热轧三层钢板和宽钢带 Hot-rolled tri-clad plates and wide strips for plough wall
190 GB/T 11253-1989 碳素结构钢和低合金结构钢冷轧薄钢板及钢带 Cold-rolled plain carbon and low alloy structural steel sheets and strips
191 GB/T 11254-1989 压缩机阀片用热轧薄钢板 Hot rolled steel sheets for compressor valves
192 GB/T 11256-1989 粗直径钢丝绳 Large diameter steel wire ropes
193 GB/T 11264-1989 轻轨 Light rails
194 GB/T 11265-1989 轻轨用接头夹板 Fish plates for light rails
195 GB/T 11266-1989 轻轨用垫板 Tie plates for light rails
196 GB/T 12753-1991 输送带用钢丝绳 Steel wire ropes for conveyer belts
197 GB/T 12754-1991 彩色涂层钢板及钢带 Coloured paint coat steel plates and strips
198 GB/T 12755-1991 建筑用压型钢板 Roll-profiled steel sheet for building
199 GB/T 12756-1991 胶管用钢丝绳 Steel wire ropes for rubber hose
200 GB/T 12770-1991 机械结构用不锈钢焊接钢管 Welded stainless steel tubes for machine structure
201 GB/T 12771-1991 流体输送用不锈钢焊接钢管 Welded stainless steel pipes for liquid delivery
202 GB/T 12772-1991 排水用柔性接口铸铁管及管件 Cast iron pipes and fittings with flexible joint for semerage
203 GB/T 12773-1991 内燃机气阀钢钢棒技术条件 Valve steel bars for internal combustion engines—Technical requirements
204 GB 13013-1991 钢筋混凝土用热轧光圆钢筋 Hot rolled plain steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete
205 GB 13014-1991 钢筋混凝土用余热处理钢筋 Remained heat treatment ribbed steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete
206 GB/T 13237-1991 优质碳素结构钢冷轧薄钢板和钢带 Cold-rolled quality carbon structural steel sheets and strips
207 GB/T 13238-1991 铜钢复合钢板 Copper-steel clad plates
208 GB/T 13294-1991 球墨铸铁管件 Ductile iron pipe fittings
209 GB/T 13295-1991 离心铸造球墨铸铁管 Centrifugal casting ductile iron pipe
210 GB 13296-1991 锅炉、热交换器用不锈钢无缝钢管 Seamless stainless steel tubes for boiler and heat exchanger
211 GB/T 13297-1991 精密合金包装、标志和质量证明书的一般规定 General rules for packaging, marking and certification of precision alloys
212 GB/T 13304-1991 钢分类 Steels—Classification
213 GB 13447-1992 无缝气瓶用钢坯 Steel blank for seamless gas cylinder
214 GB 13788-1992 冷轧带肋钢筋 Cold rolling ribbed steel wires and bars
215 GB/T 13790-1992 日用搪瓷用冷轧薄钢板和钢带 Cold rolled sheets and strips for civil enameling
216 GB/T 13791-1992 冷拉异型钢 Cold drawn special shaped steel bar
217 GB/T 13792-1992 带式输送机托辊用电焊钢管 Welded steel pipe for supporting roller of belt conveyer
218 GB/T 13793-1992 直缝电焊钢管 Longitudinal electric resistance welded steel tubes
219 GB/T 13795-1992 工业链条用冷轧钢带 cold-rolled steel strips for industial chain
220 GB/T 13796-1992 工业链条用冷拉钢 Cold-drawn steels for industrial chain
221 GB/T 14164-1993 石油天然气输送管用热轧宽钢带 Hot-rolled wide strips for line pipe of oil and natural gas
222 GB/T 14291-1993 矿用流体输送电焊钢管 Welded steel pipe for mine liquid service
223 GB/T 14292-1993 碳素结构钢和低合金结构钢热轧条钢技术条件 Hot-rolled long products technical requirements for carbon structure steel and low-alloy structure steel
224 GB 14450-1993 胎圈用钢丝 Bead wire
225 GB/T 14451-1993 操纵用钢丝绳 Steel wire ropes for control
226 GB/T 14957-1994 熔化焊用钢丝 Steel wires for melt welding
227 GB/T 14958-1994 气体保护焊用钢丝 Steel wires for gas shielded welding
228 GB/T 14975-1994 结构用不锈钢无缝钢管 Stainless steel seamless tubes for structures
229 GB/T 14976-1994 流体输送用不锈钢无缝钢管 Stainless steel seamless pipes for fluid transport
230 GB/T 14977-1994 热轧钢板表面质量的一般要求 General requirement of surface finish for hot rolled steel plates
231 GB/T 14978-1994 连续热浸镀铝锌硅合金镀层钢带和钢板 Continual hot-dip aluminium zinc silicon alloy coated steel strips and sheets
232 GB/T 14980-1994 低压流体输送用大直径电焊钢管 Major diameter welded steel pipe for lowpressure liquid service
233 GB/T 14981-1994 热轧盘条尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Dimenisions shape weight and tolerances for hot-rolled wire rods
234 GB/T 14984-1994 铁合金术语 Ferroalloys--Vocabulary
235 GB/T 14985-1994 膨胀合金的尺寸、外形、表面质量、试验方法和检验规则的一般规定
236 GB/T 14986-1994 耐蚀软磁合金技术条件
237 GB/T 14987-1994 高硬度高电阻高磁导合金 High permability alloys with high hardness and high electrical resistance
238 GB/T 14988-1994 磁滞合金冷轧带 Cold-rolled strips for hysteresis alloys
239 GB/T 14989-1994 铁钴钒永磁合金 Iron-cobalt-vanadium permanent-magnet alloys
240 GB/T 14990-1994 铁钴钼磁滞合金热轧(或锻)棒材 Hot rolled (or forged) bars for iron-cobalt-molybdenum hysteresis alloys
241 GB/T 14991-1994 变形永磁钢 Deformable permanent-magnet steels
242 GB/T 14992-1994 高温合金牌号 Types of heat-resisting superalloys
243 GB/T 14993-1994 转动部件用高温合金热轧棒材 Hot-rolled heat-resisting superalloy bars for rotating parts
244 GB/T 14994-1994 高温合金冷拉棒材 Cold brawn heat-resisting superalloy bars
245 GB/T 14995-1994 高温合金热轧钢板 Hot-rolled heat-resisting superalloy plates
246 GB/T 14996-1994 高温合金冷轧薄板 Cold-Rolled heat-Resisting superalloy sheets
247 GB/T 14997-1994 高温合金锻制圆饼 Forged heat-resisting superalloy disks
248 GB/T 14998-1994 高温合金环件毛坯 Heat-resisting superalloy blanks for forged rings
249 GB/T 14999.1-1994 高温合金棒材纵向低倍组织酸浸试验法 Methods of acid etch test for longitudinal macro-structures of heat-resisting superalloy bars
250 GB/T 14999.2-1994 高温合金横向低倍组织酸浸试验法 Methods of acid etch test for transvese macro-structures of heat-resisting superalloys
251 GB/T 14999.3-1994 高温合金棒材纵向断口试验法 Methods of longitudinal fracture test for heat-resisting superalloy bars
252 GB/T 14999.4-1994 高温合金显微组织试验法 Methods of examining micro-structures for heat-resisting superalloys
253 GB/T 14999.5-1994 高温合金低倍、高倍组织标准评级图谱 Photomicrographs and photomacrographs for evaluating of heat-resisting superalloys
254 GB/T 15001-1994 软磁合金尺寸、外形、表面质量、试验方法和检验规则的一般规定
255 GB/T 15002-1994 高饱和磁感应强度软磁合金技术条件
256 GB/T 15003-1994 恒磁导率合金技术条件
257 GB/T 15004-1994 铁铝软磁合金技术条件
258 GB/T 15005-1994 磁温度补偿合金技术条件
259 GB/T 15006-1994 弹性合金的尺寸、外形、表面质量、试验方法和检验规则的一般规定
260 GB/T 15007-1994 耐蚀合金牌号
261 GB/T 15008-1994 耐蚀合金棒
262 GB/T 15009-1994 耐蚀合金热轧板
263 GB/T 15010-1994 耐蚀合金冷轧薄板
264 GB/T 15011-1994 耐蚀合金冷轧(拔)无缝管
265 GB/T 15012-1994 耐蚀合金冷轧带
266 GB/T 15013-1994 精密合金用磁学特性和磁学量术语
267 GB/T 15014-1994 弹性合金领域内的物理特性和物理量术语与定义
268 GB/T 15015-1994 膨胀合金领域内的物理特性和物理量术语与定义
269 GB/T 15016-1994 热双金属领域内的物理特性和物理量术语与定义
270 GB/T 15017-1994 电阻合金领域内的物理特性和物理量术语与定义
271 GB/T 15018-1994 精密合金牌号
272 GB/T 15019-1994 快淬金属的分类和牌号
273 GB/T 15062-1994 一般用途高温合金管 Heat--resisting superalloy tube for general application
274 GB/T 15391-1994 宽度小于600mm冷轧钢带的尺寸、外形及允许偏差 Dimensions,shape and tolerances for cold-rolled steel strips with a width lessthan 600mm
275 GB/T 15392-1994 宽度小于700mm连续热镀锌钢带 Continual hot-dip zinc-coated steel strips with a width less than 700mm
276 GB/T 15393-1994 钢丝镀锌层 Zinc coatings for steel wire
277 GB/T 15574-1995 钢产品分类 Steel products classification and definitions
278 GB/T 15575-1995 钢产品标记代号 Steel products standard designation
279 GB/T 15675-1995 连续电镀锌冷轧钢板及钢带 Continuously electrolytic zinc-coated cold-rolled steel sheets and strips
280 GB/T 15710-1995 硅钡合金 Silicon barium alloy
281 GB/T 15712-1995 非调质机械结构钢 Ferritic--Pearlitic engineering steels for precipitation hardening from hot--Working temperature
282 GB/T 16269-1996 面接触钢丝绳 Facial contacted wire ropes
283 GB/T 16270-1996 高强度结构钢热处理和控轧钢板、钢带 High-strength structural steel plates and strips: products supplied in the heat-treated or controlled rolled condition
284 GB/T 16271-1996 钢丝绳吊索--插编索扣 Steel wire ropes--Spliced eye termination for slings
285 GB/T 342-1997 冷拉圆钢丝、方钢丝、六角钢丝尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Dimension shape mass and tolerance for cold-drawn round square and hexagonal steel wires
286 GB/T 701-1997 低碳钢热轧圆盘条 Hot-rolled low carbon steel wire rods
287 GB/T 16761-1997 锻制扁钢尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Dimensions,shape,weight and tolerances for forged flats
288 GB/T 16762-1997 一般用途钢绳吊索特性和技术条件 Wire rope slings for general purposes--Characteristics and specifications
289 GB/T 181-1963 每米50公斤钢轨型式尺寸 50 kg/m Steel rails
290 GB/T 182-1963 每米43公斤钢轨型式尺寸 43 kg/m steel rails
291 GB/T 183-1963 每米38公斤钢轨型式尺寸 38 kg/m steel rails
292 GB/T 184-1963 每米50公斤钢轨用鱼尾板式尺寸 Fish-plates for 50 kg/m steel rails
293 GB/T 185-1963 每米38及43公斤钢轨用鱼尾板型式尺寸 Fish-plates for 43 kg/m and 38 kg/m steel rails
294 GB/T 186-1963 每米50公斤钢轨用垫板型式尺寸 Tie-plates for 50 kg/m steel rails
295 GB 713-1997 锅炉用钢板 Steel plates for boilers
296 GB 17100-1997 外科植入物用铸造钴铬钼合金 Casting Co-Cr-Mo alloy for surgical implants
297 GB/T 247-1997 钢板和钢带检验、包装、标志及质量证明书的一般规定 General rule of acceptance,package,mark and certification for steel plates(sheets) and strips
298 GB/T 3428-1997 钢芯铝绞线用镀锌钢丝 Galvanized steel core wires for aluminium cable steel reinforced
299 GB/T 7737-1997 铌铁 Ferroniobium
300 GB/T 8165-1997 不锈钢复合钢板和钢带 Stainless steel clab plates and strips
301 GB/T 17101-1997 桥梁缆索用热镀锌钢丝 Hot-dip galvanized steel wires for bridge cables
302 GB/T 17102-1997 不锈复合钢冷轧薄钢板和钢带 Cold rolled stainless steel clad sheets and strips
303 GB/T 17107-1997 锻件用结构钢牌号和力学性能 Structural steel grades and mechanical property for forgings
304 GB/T 17395-1998 无缝钢管尺寸、外形、重量及允许偏差 Dimensions、shapes、masses and tolerances of seamless steel tubes
305 GB/T 17396-1998 液压支柱用热轧无缝钢管 Seamless hot--Rolled steel tubes for hydraulic pillar service
306 GB/T 11263-1998 热轧H型钢和剖分T型钢 The hot-rolled H and cut T section steel
307 GB/T 17456-1998 球墨铸铁管 外表面喷锌涂层 Ductile iron pipes--External zinc-spray coating
308 GB/T 17457-1998 球墨铸铁管 水泥砂浆离心法衬层 一般要求 Ductile iron pipes--Centrifugal cement mortar lining--General requirements
309 GB/T 17458-1998 球墨铸铁管 水泥砂浆离心法衬层 新拌砂浆的成份检验 Ductile iron pipes--Centrifugal cement mortar lining--Composition controls of freshly applied mortar
310 GB/T 17459-1998 球墨铸铁管 沥青涂层 Ductile iron pipes--Bitumen coating
311 GB/T 17505-1998 钢及钢产品交货一般技术要求 Steel and steel products General technical delivery requirements
312 GB 1499-1998 钢筋混凝土用热轧带肋钢筋 Hot rolled ribbed steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete
313 GB/T 717-1998 炼钢用生铁 Pig iron for steelmaking
314 GB/T 17616-1998 钢铁及合金牌号统一数字代号体系 Unified numbering system for designations of iron,steel and alloy


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