Slide Mold (2D w/ Lifter)

Slide Action requires several mechanical components to enable the molding of complex part geometry.   Slides are usually used for exterior action, and typically pull a core located on the "B" side of the mold.

Slide Action molds typically contain the following components:
Angle Pin (also referred to as: Cam, or Horn Pin)
     The function of the Angle Pin is to move (drive) the Slide attached to the "B" side of the mold.  Angles are typically 5-28 degrees from the vertical.  The angle and length of the pin is determined by the amount of travel is required for the "Side-Pull" of the part.

       The slide can be a steel that forms a portion of the part, or it can retain core pin or other shape of core steel.  The slide usually rests upon a wear plate and retained via a gibing system.  There typically is a wear plate attached to the slide that enables the heel block to push the slide in for final locking before injection.

 L-Gibs (or Gibbing)
        L-Gibs are used to contain the slide, and ensure that the slide moves in an accurately and smoothly without any significant misalignment of the slide to the other cavity forming steels. L-Gibs and wear plates are usually Lamina Bronze.  Grease grooves are added to aid in preventing wear.

 Wear Plate
        The wear plate provides a surface that will resist wear when the slide moves over it, during the life of the mold.

 Slide Retainer
        The Slide Retainer holds the slide in the fully open position to ensure that the slide does not move until it is supposed to (otherwise, damage will result to the mold).  There are many types of slide retainer mechanisms, some are standard components.  A Ball-detent can be used as a retainer.

 Slide Lock
        Slide Locks are required to "Lock" the slide in place for injection.  The lock takes ALL the pressure off the Angle Pin during injection (the angle pin does not touch the slide during injection).  The angle of the lock is typically 2-4 degrees greater (from the vertical)  than the Angle Pin. 




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