Medela BPA-free

Moms are searching for BPA-free products.  In addition to our Breastmilk Feeding and Storage Bottles, which have always been BPA-free, all Medela products that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA-free. 

Below are some common questions that will help you determine if a bottle is BPA-free and where you can find Medela BPA-free products. 

What is Bisphenol-A?
Bisphenol-A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used in the production of polycarbonate plastics. Polycarbonate plastic is commonly used to make consumer products. This type of plastic is clear and shatter-proof.  It is commonly found in products such as water bottles, food storage containers, toys and many types of baby bottles not made by Medela.
Do Medela Breastmilk bottles or other products contain BPA?
No. Medela breastmilk bottles and all our products that come in contact with breastmilk are and always have been 100 percent BPA-Free. Medela breastmilk bottles, storage containers, feeding products and breast pump kits are made with polypropylene. All existing research maintains that polypropylene is safe. 
What about the recycling numbers?
The recycling number is associated with the type of plastic used.  Since most products are made using one of six resins, codes 1-6 describe a single specific type of plastic.  Polypropylene for example is identified by recycling code number 5, and may contain the letters “PP” underneath.  (See example of code below.)
Recycling code  number 7 is slightly different because it stands for “other” which can encompass other single resins or a combination of resins.  Polycarbonate, which contains BPA, carries recycling code number 7 as it is not one of the 6 as described above.  (See example of code below.)
The majority of Medela products that come in contact with breastmilk have a recycling code labeled with recycling code number 5.  The only components not made from polypropylene include one of our 80 ml storage container caps and a handle on the Harmony™ breastpump.  These are made from PBT – a combination of safe plastics that is 100 percent BPA-free.  However, because it is a combination plastic, it also carries recycling code number 7.

As the industry leader in breastpumping and breastfeeding, Medela is committed to always doing what is best for moms and babies. Medela products that come into direct contact with breastmilk, including all breastpump kits and breastshields, all collection and storage bottles, as well as our feeding systems have always been made with BPA-free plastic.





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