The strength of this area is too weak and it is hard to cool because the steel is too thin

R>28. 滑块拆的位置 (The split line of slide block or the area of slide.)
29. 此处有尖角,填充困难 (It is hard to fill this area due to the sharp feature.)
30. 此处钢材太薄,强度不足而且不容易冷却
(The strength of this area is too weak and it is hard to cool because the steel is too thin.)
31. 圆柱特徵要有一半圆不可以拆在滑块上,以免粘滑块造成拉白,拉断
(We avoid designing the semicircle of the cylinder on the slide block because it will be pulled

apart or cause drag marks.)
32. 此处做斜销在作动时会削到成品肉厚
(The part will be damaged if we make the lifter in this area.)
33. 这个面是装配面,不能加料
(This is a critical surface where we cannot add additional material.)
34. 此处料位太厚,会有缩水,建议减料改善
(Because of the shrinkage of the thickness, we suggest reducing some wall thickness to improve it.)
35. 此面是不是外观面,此处做滑块的话会有夹线,是否可以接受
"(Please confirm whether it is a critical surface or not. Also, confirm whether it is acceptable to

have a slide
split line if we have a slide in this area. )"
36. 此处有倒勾,能否减料,使公母模靠破,不做滑块和斜销
"(Please confirm whether we can reduce material to the area where we have an undercut as indicated

to have shut off
on cavity side. No slide block and lifter will be made. )"
37. 请尽快确认这种拆模方式和结构,否则会影响模期
(Please confirm the issues of Parting line, Gate position...Etc. as soon as possible; otherwise,

the lead-time will be extended.)
38. 此面是否有特殊要求,能否有顶针印
(Please confirm whether it is a critical surface or not and if we can have E.J. pin marks on it.)
39. P.L面开在此处,模具上会有尖角和刀口,对模具寿命有影响
(There are sharp edges if we set the parting line here, It will reduce the tool life)
40. 加大拔模角,以便脱模顺利   We suggest enlarging the draft angle to help release the tool.)

41. GATE做在此处的话有两个缺点:1.盖子打开时可以看到GATE的修剪部位; 2.两个斜销在同一侧,顶出也不是

(There are two problems if the gate is to be designed in this area:
a). It is easy to see the gate mark when you open the cap.
b). The ejectors are unbalanced when two lifters are on the same side)
42. GATE做在此处的话.盖子打开后看不到GATE的修剪部位
(The gate mark is not visible if the gate position is designed like this.)
43. 如果GATE一定要做在你们指定的位置的话,那还不如做在这一侧,这样的话还可以减小这个位置的缩水
"(If you insist that the gate position has to be like the original design, then we would further

recommend to have
it to the area indicated so it can avoid a shrink problem in this area.)"
44. 在此处GATE做潜顶针的话,背后的外观面会有冲料痕,而且成品又是黑色的,会最明显
(If the design of the gate has to be a sub. Gate, then the back surface of the part will have

serious flow marks due to the black colour.)
22. P.L开在此处不合理,模具加工困难,P.L应改为和图示的一样
"(This area is not suitable to have a Parting line because the tool will become more complicated;

we recommend to have the Parting line as indicated.)"
"(There is possible sticking on cavity; therefore, please confirm whether it can make undercuts,

snatch pins
or leave coarse E.D.M. on the core to snatch the part on)   "
(Please confirm whether it is acceptable to have stress lines on the surface because the thickness

is not equal.)
47. 请注明何处为外观面,能否提供2D图和注意事项
(Please advise where the critical surface is. Please also provide us a 2D drawing with critical

dimensions. )
48. 红色所示处是有问题的地方,请特别注意
(Please note the red highlights because those areas have problems.)
49. 成品设计此处有问题,建议如下图所示修改
(We would suggest using the attached part design as the current design has problems.)
50. 此处改为一个球形的凹槽 (We suggest modifying it as a globe recess.)

51. 圆柱特征要有一半不可以拆在滑块里,以防拉断 (this issue is the same as no.8)
52. 此处大滑块上走小滑块,小滑块要先退,大滑块要做延迟
(The inside small slide block will recede first and the parent slide block have to postpone

53. 滑块要用液压油缸抽芯以保证开合模顺序 
(The slide pins will use an oil cylinder to assure that the process is in proper order.) 
54. 这个面有装配,加料的话装配时会顶住,如图所示
"(We cannot add material to this surface because it will intervene between the two parts when it is

Please see the sketch attached. )"
55. 可降低斜销面,增加成品些许肉厚来做变化
(To descend the surface of lifter in order to thicken the part.)
56. 一半做斜销,一半做自然 (One half side will have the lifter and the other half will be

57. 此处两个柱子重叠,有倒勾,不能做自然,要做SLIDE
"(These two bosses are overlapping with undercut therefore it can not be made as solid. We
suggest making it with a slide block.)"
58. 此处强迫顶出 (This area needs force ejection.)
59. 公模两段开模,这个地方先退 (Here will be a double ejection for forward and receding.)
60. 此处做镶件会有夹线,能否接受   Please confirm whether it is acceptable that there will be a

split line here.)

61. 此面公母模1度靠破,会有段差,可否接受
(Please confirm whether it is ok to have mismatch to the area where there is 1 degree of shut off

in Core / Cavity side.)
62. 这个尺寸能否加大 (Please confirm whether we can enlarge this dimensio




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