Sheet Moulding Compound / Bulk Moulding Compound

SMC/BMC moulding
Sheet Moulding Compound / Bulk Moulding Compound

The process
SMC and BMC are names of the raw-materials of which products are pressed under pressure and heightened temperature (150 ºC).

SMC consists of glass-fiber layers 20 to 30 mm enclosed between to layers of polyester-resin. Mostly, the glass-fibers are not oriented.
BMC consists of a polyester-resin-mass with short glass-fibers (approx. 6 mm.).

When to use?
  • SMC is especially suited for middle-sized shell-shaped products, e.g. dish antennas and spoilers.
  • Through applying a coating in the mould (In Mould Coating) a very good surf-quality can be established with SMC.
  • BMC is more suitable for smaller products. It allows for more freedom in shaping the products, like with the forging of metals.
  • Products are high-temperature resistant and can therefore be applied in for instance the automotive industry and for electronic equipment.
  • High stiffness, but lower than for for instance RTM because short fibers are applied.
  • Because of the relative high mould-costs the process is suited for series from approx. 3000, for smaller series RTM is an alternative for SMC. The mould costs are significantly lower than for e.g. injection-moulding.




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