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Surface Finishes

Including following process categories
Copper acid, cyanide
Chrome trivalent bright, TriStar EbonyTMblack
Nickel bright, semi-bright, particle, satin, electroless
Tin bright, matte, immersion, tin/lead, tin/zinc
Zinc chloride, alkaline non-cyanide, cyanide
Zinc Alloy zinc/cobalt, zinc/iron, zinc/nickel
Passivates/Chromates trivalent clear, black; hexavalent yellow, black
Miscellaneous topcoats
cleaners C soak, electro
water treatment

DSW die cast components are often used 'as cast' with no further treatment required. Various surface finishes, such as Zinc Chromate surface finishing, can also be applied to increase corrosion resistance, provide aesthetic appeal, and/or improve the mechanical properties of the components. These consist of plating and painted finishes which are supplied to and meet all legislative requirements such as R.O.H.S, WEEE and End of Life Vehicle Directives.


covering the entire range of Electroplating and metal finishing products supplied by us for various applications in the surface finishing industry.



  Pretreatment Chemicals and Cleaners   Copper Plating Chemicals 
  Nickel Plating Chemicals   Electro less Nickel Chemicals
  Chrome Plating Chemicals   Zinc Plating Chemicals
  Chromate Conversion Coating Chemicals   Cadmium Plating Chemicals
  Brass Plating Chemicals   Tin Plating Chemicals
  Silver Plating Chemicals   Gold Plating Chemicals
  Chemicals for Plating on Plastics   Metal Stripping Chemicals
  Organic Protective Coating Chemicals   Chemicals for Printed Circuit Boards.
  Electroforming Chemicals   Basic Plating Chemicals
  Lab Chemicals   Anodes
  Electro polishing chemicals   Anodizing and Electrocolouring
  Bronze Plating solution  Micro Crack Hard Chrome


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