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 plastic injection mold design Disegno di modellatura
 plastic injection mold prototype Prototipazione rapida
 plastic injection mold components Componente di plastica
 precisin casting,die cast parts Getto di precisione
 forming dies,progressive Stamping Dies Componente di gomma
 plastic injection mold design Timbratura di precisione
 plastic injection mold design Pezzo fucinato di precisione
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    Materia plastica
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    Normal Steel


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Aluminium Die Casting,Gravity Casting,Investment
Export to(Country):USA
Tool Description:Plastic Injection Mould
Material Type:ABS
Weight of Plastic Product:301g/pcs
Mould Design by:DSW
Mould Construction:Standard
Mould Base:LKM
Cav.Material:NAK 80
Core Material:2738
Side Action:Mechanical Slide
Ejection:EJ pins
Mould Life:500,000
Moulded Part Inspection By:Moulder


9th-12th February 2009
Exhibition MD&M Annaheim
Anaheim Convention Center 
Anaheim, CA, USA 

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