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Blow Molding Tool Box

Mainly specifized in blow molded enclosures,blow molded box,plasitc blow-mold case,Blow mold tooling.
A blow molding renaissance is occurring in which engineers and designers are discovering and promoting blow molding for a wide variety of industrial or technical application. Toy wheels, automobile seat back, ductwork, surf boards, bellows, fuel tanks, flower pots, automobile bumpers, double- walled tool cases, and cabinet panels are just a few examples of the many creative design being developed

blow molding,tooling box

Mould tool box
Tool Description:Blow Mould
Material Type:PET
Weight of Plastic Product:301g/pcs
Mould Design by:DSW
Mould Construction:Standard
Mould Base:LKM
Core Material:2738
Side Action:Mechanical Slide
Ejection:EJ pins
Mould Life:500,000
Moulded Part Inspection By:Moulder