mould term

 top view   ----俯視圖
front view   ----前視圖
side view   ----側視圖
plane view ----平面圖
contour  ------外型銑削
pocket  ------挖槽
flow line   ----罩一曲面




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plastic injection mold 模具技术用语

1. XXX!你现在有空吗,我可以问你一些问题吗?

Could I ask you some questions if you are free?/ Are you free now? May I ask you some questions (aquestion)?

2. 请问此产品的面是否为外观面?表面做什么处理?是晒纹/抛光?

Can you tell me whether the surface of this part is a visible/esthetic one? What will we do for its


vertical type three plate multi-cavity injection mold




  进入位: gate location
  水口形式:gate type
  大水口:edge gate
  细水口: pin-point gate
  水口大小:gate size
  转水口: switching runner/gate
  唧嘴口径: sprue diameter
  二、流道: runner

Sheet Moulding Compound / Bulk Moulding Compound

SMC/BMC moulding
Sheet Moulding Compound / Bulk Moulding Compound

Retaining a Slide,Cut-Off Die,Embossing Die

Retaining a Slide
slk_retslide.gif (4973 bytes)

A Gate between the runner and the part cavity

A Gate is a small area between the runner and the part cavity.  The type, size and location of a Gate in an injection mold is critical to efficiently producing quality parts. 

    The type of gate selected depends on many factors including: 


Correct cooling of an Injection Mold

Considered the third phase of the Injection Molding Cycle, the Cooling Phase consumes the greatest amount of time. Therefore, it is a serious area for designers and mold makers to make sure that all Coolant schemes have been thoroughly investigated for their suitability.


Slide Mold (2D w/ Lifter)

Slide Action requires several mechanical components to enable the molding of complex part geometry.   Slides are usually used for exterior action, and typically pull a core located on the "B" side of the mold.


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