Correct cooling of an Injection Mold

Considered the third phase of the Injection Molding Cycle, the Cooling Phase consumes the greatest amount of time. Therefore, it is a serious area for designers and mold makers to make sure that all Coolant schemes have been thoroughly investigated for their suitability.

Correct cooling of an Injection Mold is required to produce good quality parts at an optimum rate.  All Injection Molds have some sort of cooling provision to ensure  efficient part production.  Chilled water (80-140 degrees F) is perhaps the most common medium to extract heat energy from the the mold.  Coolant lines are drilled into various plates at specific locations to provide even uniform cooling of the mold cavity steels.  

Many standard cooling components are available to provide the Mold Designer with many options to achieve the uniform cooling patterns needed for ensure quality part production.   The most common coolant line diameter is 7/16, while 5/16 and 9/16 are used less frequently.





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